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Services provided by our company include car hire, minivan hire, operating leases, financial leasing, and passenger transportation.

Sit and Go offers almost new, economical and standard class cars for the car rental. All rented vehicles are safe, in technically good condition, comfortable, economical and eco-friendly. In the case of operating lease, you will be able to choose a completely new car that suits your needs. Together with the car rental service, you will be able to choose an additional service package to ensure the car’s operation without any worries and extra costs.

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Gvidas Gedvilas
Project manager
Phone: +37061680862
Email: gvidas@sitandgo.eu

Gvidas Gedvilas
Phone: +37061680862


Izcili Pakalpojumi

Sit&Go ensures so that every client would meet his expectations, from the start of the reservation to the process of dropping off the vehicle.

Bērnu Krēsli / Bērnu Sēdeklīši

We try to make sure even the little ones have the as comfortable and as safe trip they can have.

Kvalitatīvu Automašīnu Izmantošana

We choose only reliable and low emission vehicles, as well we make sure every vehicle is technically inspected and is ready before the rental.

Automātiskā un Manuālā Transmisija

We offer a variety of vehicles that include manual and automatic transmissions, depending on client’s needs.

Daudz un dažāds papildus aprīkojums!

We do provide as an extra with accessories like GPS, phone holders, portable wi-fi routers and toddler seats. Just so Your trip would be as comfortable as possible.

24 Stundu Atbalsts

Our staff is always ready to help with any questions or requests not only by our call center but as well as road assistance if there is a need for one.

Kas mēs esam

Sit&Go  cenšas piedāvāt automašīnas ar viszemāko CO2 izmešu daudzumu un vislabāko degvielas patēriņa efektivitāti, kas ļaus ietaupīt papildus eiro un nobraukt papildus kilometru. Šobrīd Sit&Go biroji atrodas 4 dažādās Eiropas valstīs, bet nākotnē plāno izplatīties arī citos reģionos.  

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